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09-08-22 - Korea
This manhole cover repair in South Korea is a great example of how effective and easy road repairs can be when using ChipFill™ as the solution.
02-08-22 - United Kingdom
We contributed to this creative community project in Aberdeen, Scotland which transformed a busy footbridge into an ocean-themed art installation using our PlastiRoute™ and DecoMark™ materials.
08-07-22 - Finland
Thanks to our brightly-coloured PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip and white PREMARK™ signage, this parking area in Finland is both easy and safe to navigate around.
13-06-22 - Norway
On an e-charging station in Bergen, we demonstrated how PlastiRoute™ SprayGrip can effectively be applied with our AreaSpray™ machine to create a both eye-catching and functional result.
08-06-22 - Sweden
A whole street in the Swedish municipality of Höganäs has recently been painted in the colours of the rainbow with our waterborne AquaRoute™ paint.
01-06-22 - Netherlands
An area on the Technical University in Delft has recently been marked with giant red PREMARK™ letters indicating that it represents a so-called “free zone” that can be booked for various activities by students and employees.
12-04-22 - Denmark
Taking a walk through the city of Aarhus has become a more entertaining experience for young children with this mini street art route that combines creative DecoMark™ markings and a storytelling app.
14-02-22 - United Arab Emirates
PlastiRoute™ Spraygrip brightens up this Dubaian highway to alert drivers that it is time to slow down and increase safety on the busy road.
06-01-22 - Egypt
These red and white PREMARK™ crossings were recently applied on several locations in Luxor, Egypt where they help increase safety for vulnerable road users.
16-11-21 - Korea
Colourful DecoMark™ and PREMARK™ markings representing local city specialities makes the way to school both fun and safe for children in Icheon, South Korea.
09-11-21 - Sweden
By combining our PlastiRoute™ SprayGrip and DecoMark™ materials, the entrance at Swepac was given a make-over in line with the company brand.
12-10-21 - United Kingdom
The old and worn playground at the Sacred Heart School in the UK was given a proper makeover with our decorative, colourful markings.
28-09-21 - United Kingdom
After concerns over safety on a helipad at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, UK, we were approached for our expert advice on the matter and recommended HSRoute™ as the solution
24-09-21 - Luxembourg
Our TacPad™ and TacGuide™ markings help guide the blind and visually impaired and let them move safely around the Central Station in Luxembourg via tactile warnings.
23-09-21 - Netherlands
Our preformed thermoplastic symbols play a leading role on the cycling route between Assen and Groningen in the Netherlands providing a fast connection between the two cities and surrounding villages.
21-09-21 - United Kingdom
We approached Yewstock School in Dorset, UK, with a proposal to update their old and worn playground games with new bright and colourful ones - and this is the result!
17-08-21 - United Kingdom
Geveko Markings was recently approached by Norwich City Football Club who were looking to improve the look of their newly named Joma Community Stand at Carrow Road Stadium with colourful and safety-enhancing markings.
02-08-21 - United Kingdom
Art, colours and creativeness galore! This is what you can find on the streets of Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London - and our decorative markings play a big role in the show.
16-07-21 - France
When the 3rd stage of the Tour de France went through Lorient, the riders drove over these gigantic PREMARK™ markings specially designed for the occasion.
12-07-21 - Netherlands
Our customer De Jong Reclame Heerhugowaard found that specially designed PREMARK™ logos were the perfect solution to mark e-parking spaces.
09-07-21 - France
The French company Citéos have tested how our road and surface repair products handles repairs of trenches in the road surface left by cable installations.
01-07-21 - United Kingdom
At Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, they recently updated their electric charging bays to make them clearly visible and to make it easier for visitor to take an environmentally friendly choice.
07-06-21 - Germany
Our customer, Thomas Schmitt GmbH has applied over a hundred electric parking spaces for MAINGAU Energie with Geveko Marking materials.
14-04-21 - Italy
ChipFill™ offers an ideal, on-the-spot repair of the road after the installation of optical cables which are used to provide internet access.
12-04-21 - Italy
In San Severo in the south-eastern part of Italy, ChipFill was recently put to the test to check exactly how effective and easy it is to use.
24-03-21 - Sweden
Creative DecoMark™ markings have helped transform the outside area of a Swedish school to an ideal place for playful breaks.
23-03-21 - Denmark
“Thanks for nothing… at the roadside” – this is what it says on these road marking signs that are part of a campaign launched by the Danish Road Directorate encouraging people not to throw their trash along the road.
17-03-21 - France
The French city of Saint-Malo has refurbished the roads with contrasted PREMARK™ bicycle symbols that blends in with the historic surroundings and increases the safety of vulnerable road users.
03-03-21 - Latvia
Cold weather and damp roads are usully not a good foundation for a road marking application. But with Viatherm™ Viking you can expand your marking season.
25-02-21 - Germany
In the German city of Bremen, bicyclists can enjoy a safe ride on these bright red lanes that works as a prime example of the micromoility benefits.
05-02-21 - Switzerland
Our permanent and easily applicable preformed signs are a simple and effective way of visualising how we can all keep a safe distance.
21-01-21 - Korea
These colourful horizontal road marking applications in Jinam Park are made to guide visitors in the right direction and inform about the do’s and don’ts of the area.
07-12-20 - Sweden
You are guaranteed to stay in the playful spirit when visiting this creatively decorated playground in Tornparken in the Swedish municipality of Sundbyberg.
04-12-20 - Germany
The area around the gatehouse in this German town has been refurbished with decorative PREMARK™ markings that supplements the historic surroundings while adding a modern touch.
18-11-20 - United Kingdom
With striking blue and red markings pedestrian walkways at nine different sites across the Argyll and Bute area in Scotland has had a safe-enhancing upgrade.
11-11-20 - Italy
Colourful footsteps decorates the footpath in Giardini Lucarelli – a green area in the city of Milan. As part of project "Playgrounds for everyone", the footsteps made in DecoMark™ easily catches the eyes of everyone walking or biking on this green route.
14-10-20 - Netherlands
At the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, they are proud of the achievements of their students and staff - and they show it off with DecoMark markings.
01-10-20 - Germany
German company RadQuartier has branded their brand new asphalt pumptrack for BMX and mountain bikers with custom-designed logos.
06-02-20 - United Arab Emirates
3D markings are becoming increasingly popular - and now Dubai is also joining in. This 3D crossing was recently applied and is the first of its kind in the city.
10-12-19 - Singapore
A great example of a both decorative and durable marking has recently been applied at the educational institution, Singapore Polytechnic. The marking made in PlastiRoute™ Rollplast provides a long-lasting, cool and elegant expression on what could have been just a grey surface.
23-08-19 - Portugal
This bright red braking zone made of PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip helps keep school children safe by encouraging car drivers to slow down before they reach a pedestrian crossing near the local school.
05-08-19 - United States
Solutions that are both practical and visually appealing doesn’t usually grow on trees. But at the Golda Meir House retirement community in Massachusetts, such a solution can be found under the newly-planted trees in their courtyard.
15-07-19 - United Kingdom
Thanks to DecoMark™, a previously dark and dull asphalt footpath leading to Springburn Park in Glasgow has been transformed to a brightly coloured area leading the visitors on their way.
Portugese bike lane in RollPlast
02-07-19 - Portugal
With this newly applied bright green bike lane, Lisbon has become safer and more accessible for bike riders. This once again goes to show that PlastiRoute™ Rollplast is an ideal solution for bike lanes
06-06-19 - Portugal
Red and white PREMARK™ pedestrian crossings have been a great success in the area of Oeiras in Portugal and as a result, an increasing number is planned to be applied.
12-04-19 - United Kingdom
When the Cornwall-based educational charity, Eden Project, recently needed to refurbish the pathways in their awe-inspiring gardens, Adtex Resin Bonded Paving provided the perfect solution.
20-03-19 - Finland
This 200 m2 large DecoMark™ map provides a both practical and decorative overview of the National City Park in Porvoo, Finland.
26-02-19 - Germany
Since 2016, nine hospitals in Southern Germany have had PREMARK™ markings applied in the form of landing areas for emergency helicopters.
18-02-19 - Norway
A combination of PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip and DecoMark™ livens up Trondheim Central Station with brightly-coloured geometric shapes, lines and a map of Norway.
24-01-19 - New Zealand
An eye-catching 3D crossing in PREMARK™ makes drivers in Tauranga slow down due to its fantastic optical illusion. The newly applied marking appears to be floating in the air and thus offers is a new twist to the traditional plain pedestrian crossing that also aims to make the roads safer.
15-01-19 - United Arab Emirates
In order to put focus on speed limits and thus reduce the risk of accidents, a combination of bright red PlastiRoute™ and PREMARK™ speed limit symbols have been applied on this road stretch in the city of Dubai.
11-12-18 - Sweden
These stunning and colourful DecoMark™ markings have recently been applied in the residential area of Albyberget near Stockholm. They are a part of an art project that aims to create an outdoor environment which is a safe space for everyone.
25-10-18 - France
The city of Cannes is testing pedestrian crossings with a three-dimensional effect, and they have chosen to use our PREMARK™ 3D markings for the purpose. The newly applied 3D pedestrian crossing, which appears to be floating in the air, creates an eye-catching optical illusion and helps make the road safer.
10-09-18 - Australia
A three-kilometre long and bright green bike lane made of PlastiRoute™ and PREMARK™ products has been applied in Hunter Valley, Australia
09-08-18 - Portugal
Once again AquaRoute™ has been chosen for the A6 motorway in Portugal with an excellent performance.
03-08-18 - Italy
The pedestrians on the small Italian municipality of Mazzè can now cross the road more safely in thanks to the application of AquaRoute™ Decopox rough.
01-08-18 - Australia
Take a look at this eye-catching schoolyard in the Bondi Beach area in Australia, which has just been given a splash of colour in the form of signal red PlastiRoute™ Rollplast.
31-07-18 - Germany
In Heiligendorf primary school in Wolfsburg they have a new playground made of colourful DecoMark markings, which not only makes break time more fun for the pupils - it is also provides an excellent opportunity for alternative learning.
Russian playground revisited
23-07-18 - Russian Federation
Time for a revisit! Almost two years ago, colourful DecoMark markings was applied at the Russian kindergarten № 121 located in Saint-Petersburg. See how it looks today.
06-07-18 - France
In Brest Métropole, the surroundings of the city's cable car have been highlighted and secured with a bright orange marking consisting of a total of 858 pieces in 22 different patterns.
21-06-18 - Finland
When the pupils at Nummen Palvelukeskus step out on the playground, they literally have the world at their feet, thanks to the application of a world map in DecoMark.
13-06-18 - Russian Federation
Thanks to the application of our PREMARK™ and DecoMark™ products, the roads have become safer and the playground more fun in the family friendly compound “Angelovo” outside Moscow.
01-06-18 - Russian Federation
At Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia, they have had great experience with durable PREAMARK signs. A new portion of PREMARK speed limit signs have now successfully been applied - just in time for the many tourists that arrives for the FIFA World Cup 2018.
10-11-17 - United Kingdom
The pupils on Leuchars Primary School in Scotland have been granted a new and colourful DecoMark™ playground to play on. Former pupil Craig Cummings took the initiative to contact suppliers and ask for their help - and Preformed Markings was happy to assist.
Safe round about out of PlastiRoute® RollGrip®.
16-10-17 - Faroe Islands
The scenic surroundic in Vága on the Faroe Island has been given a splash of colour. The Faroe road authorities, Landsverk, and our Country Manager at Geveko Markings, Henrik Nielsen, collaborated on making the city roundabout safer by applying red PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip.
Application with Chipfill
15-09-17 - Germany
Winter is coming - and with that comes rain and cold weather, which is hard on the roads. ChipFill™ is an easy road repair solution specially designed to repair cracks and holes in the road. If these are not repaired, they will become larger over the winter and repair costs will increase.
colorful markings in the "Green City"
11-09-17 - Russian Federation
Together with Severny Gorod, who is one of the leading construction companies in St. Petersburg, Geveko Markings Russia has created an original and environmentally friendly DecoMark™ playground for the "Green City" residential complex in St. Petersburg.
28-08-17 - Germany
There are a lot of interesting tourist attractions in the German city of Kehl - and by means of PREMARK® footprints and signs they are now much easier for tourists to find.
23-08-17 - Portugal
Four combined pedestrian crossings and braking zones in PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip makes traffic safer for both pedestrians and drivers in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.
14-08-17 - Belgium
At the Belgian electronic dance festival Tomorrowland, an effective way guidance system made of AquaRoute™ Tempi help guide the 400,000 visitors around the festival area.
Skid resistant PREMARK® in discus throwing field
20-07-17 - Iran
The Iranian Discus Throwing Federation including Olympic silver medalist Ehsan Hadadi have been testing the skid resistance of PREMARK™ for their discus throwing fields, where a high degree of skid resistance is demanded.
18-07-17 - Portugal
The Portuguese company Trafiurbe used AquaRoute AQ4 waterborne paint to refresh the edge lines of highway 12 in Portugal. This helped increase night time visibility (RL values) as well as daytime visibility (Qd values) and as a result, Trafiurbe won the BRISA tender 2017.
18-07-17 - Netherlands
Rabobank Eindhoven in the Netherlands just got a new and decorative parking space. BRTC was applying it and used therefore AquaRoute® DecoPox Roll.
Application of bicycle crossing
13-07-17 - Italy
Back in 2012, a combined pedestrian and bicycle crossing was applied in the round about at Via Giovanni Boccaccio/Via Jacopo Corrado in Padua, Italy. The zebra crossing with special bicycle lane was applied as in a special way, where a stone shaped template is pressed into the asphalt to give the exclusive stone surface look.
Map shows city of Kotka
12-07-17 - Finland
Kotka is the best known park-town in Finland and also abroad, at least among landscaping specialists. Lots of people come to Kotka, mainly to visit the many parks. The City of Kotka wanted to create a colorful and beautiful map, which helps the local people to realize in what a beautiful surrounding they live and tourists to locate where they are. Moreover, the tourist can plan where they want to go. The map was applied by ELPAC OY. The material it is made of, is DecoMark™.
bicycle chain logo made in DecoMark®
12-06-17 - Netherlands
Velo-city 2017 in Arnhem-Nijmegen in the Netherlands is a global cycling summit with delegates from over 80 countries. As a part of it, the design bureau “Brandes en Meurs” was working on an interactive light-installation, which the user can control by the app "Bicycle Buddy". Our part was to install 6 logos which look like bicycle chains, which are made of DecoMark in front of the tunnel.
Multiplication table marking
08-06-17 - Iran
Tehran International High School has been decorated with preformed thermoplastic games, numbers and leters. Both to inspire the children and students to play and be active in the school yard, but also to motivate to active learning.
Parking lot with stork symbol for pregnant women
30-05-17 - Germany
We have all seen the „Parking for mothers “parking spaces, but did you also know there are parking places for pregnant women?
Streetart in Westblaak Rotterdam
26-05-17 - Netherlands
In Rotterdam, a crosswalk and pedestrian crossing has turned into creative and decorative streetart
more fun DecoMark®
05-05-17 - Germany
The primary school pupils in Zscherndorf, Germany now have another reason to look forward to the break, because they can now play on the freshly applied DecoMark™ in the schoolyard.
PlastiRoute® RollGrip® and PREMARK® after 6 years
08-03-17 - Sweden
6 years ago, red PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip and PREMARK™ letters was applied as a bus lane in Malmö, Sweden - see how it looks today.
DecoMark® school marking
20-02-17 - Luxembourg
The city of Käerjeng in Luxembourg got a new road marking, which is going to be applied all over the city. It is called Clausi and it will guide the children to school, and will make other road users aware of the vulnerable road users.
Airport markings with PlastiRoute® RollPlast and PREMARK®
03-02-17 - Portugal
In Porto Airport, the pedestrian walkways to the airplanes and the symbols guiding the cars and buses driving in the airport are being renewed.
No-smoking markings outside secondary schools and high schools
09-12-16 - Sweden
Länsstyrelsen in Blekinge is fighting smoking with PREMARK road marking signs outside secondary schools and high schools.
Green bicycle lane markings
18-11-16 - Portugal
The use of bicycle lanes is increasing constantly. There is a need for showing visually, where the bikes are driving, and at the same time make sure the skid resistant is sufficient enough. At Paredão de Cascais, F.L. Gaspar has applied a bicycle lane combining green PlastiRoute™ Rollplast cold plastic and PREMARK™ preformed thermoplastic markings.
Playground for disabled children
05-09-16 - France
Children with special needs will now be able to enjoy game facilities designed and adapted for them with DecoMark®, after Mobiplay builded a specific playground for disabled children within the dedicated care center ESEAN-ISSE in Nantes, France.
Chipfill road repair in Rudkøbing, Denmark
13-05-16 - Denmark
Langeland kommune has started to apply ChipFill thermoplastic road repair material at the harbour quay in Rudkøbing, Denmark. The reason is that Langeland kommune wants to avoid that the cobble stones are washed away by sea water during high tides or storm.
PlastiRoute® coldplastic in Haaltert, Belgium
04-05-16 - Belgium
Geveko Markings has applied skid resistant and non slippery surface markings in Haaltert, Belgium. 2500 m2 was sprayed with PlastiRoute™ three-component coldplastic. The skid-resistant area markings create a non slippery surface at the road crossings, intersections and sharp turns.
Active learning in the playground
28-04-16 - Denmark
DecoMark™ creative and decorative markings have contributed to active learning and many hours of fun in the playgrounds. At Vestre skole in Denmark the number grid, dart game, compass and alphabet were applied in 2009, and they still look nice and colourful in the school yard.
BMF tackles dangerous manhole covers
11-03-16 - United Kingdom
The polished iron manhole covers and highway castings have for a long time been problematic for motorcyclists. Now, British Motorcyclists Federation is cooperating with Preformed markings and Geveko Markings to secure the slippery manhole covers.
Карта Барселоны из материала DecoMark®
14-01-15 - Spain
DecoMark preformed thermoplastic city map of Barcelona is now guiding tourist and visitors.