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10-11-17 - United Kingdom
Leuchars Primary school is located on the East Coast of Scotland, 10 miles south of Dundee and near to the famous St Andrews Golf Course. The school is attended by approximately 300 children from the surrounding village and to support the local military. Craig Cummings, a pupil of the school in the 1970’s, a parent, whose children have attended the school recently, took the initiative to contact suppliers to ask for help. Preformed Markings was happy to help by way of some DecoMark® markings.
16-10-17 - Faroe Islands
Colorful round about warns motorists to drive carefully. This week Landverk (road authorities at the Faroe Islands) and our Country Manager Henrik Nielsen applied red cold plastic PlastiRoute® RollGrip® in Vága. The aim is to make the round about safer and more visual by the drivers reducing the speed and increasing awareness of the round about.
26-09-17 - United Kingdom
For the London Design Festival, the artist Thierry Noir has designed a colorful and creative pedestrian crossing out of DecoMark® in his iconic style with cartoon-like persons.
15-09-17 - Germany
Winter is coming, and hence also rain and cold weather. This combination is hard for the roads - especially places where you have holes and cracks in the road. If these are not repaired, they will become larger over the winter – and repair costs increase. ChipFill is a hot applied surface defect repair system specially designed to repair cracks and holes in the road. All you need to apply is a broom and burner – then you are ready to repair holes in the road.
11-09-17 - Russian Federation
Together with Severny Gorod, one of the leading construction companies in Saint-Petersburg, Geveko Markings Russia has created an original playground for children’s fun and active learning in the pedestrian zone of the courtyard in the residential complex “Green City”.
28-08-17 - Germany
In the German town of Kehl, bordering Strasbourg, there are many tourist attractions to see. In order to find these easy, blue signs and markings were placed all over the town on a paths in front of the tourist attractions
23-08-17 - Portugal
4 combined pedestrian crossings and braking zones in the cold plastic material PlastiRoute® RollGrip®. In Figueira da Foz, Portugal, Habidom has applied 4 combined pedestrian crossings and breaking zones in the cold plastic material PlastiRoute® RollGrip®. The 4 pedestrian crossings and braking zones each had a size of 20 x 6,40 meters.
14-08-17 - Belgium
Tomorrowland is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world. With around 400,000 visitors it is important to have a little bit of structure. This starts with small details, which are often overseen but are very important. That the visitors of Tomorrowland could find easily around to get the best experience, our client Marking Solutions and we applied AquaRoute® Tempi, temporary waterborne paint as a way guidance system.
20-07-17 - Iran
The Iranian Discus Throwing Federation is testing the skid resistance of PREMARK® for their discus throwing fields. More skid resistance is needed in the circle area, where the athletes are rotating. The alternative PREMARK® application was done in Aftab Sport Complex in the eastern part of Tehran, Iran.
18-07-17 - Portugal
Reapplication to refresh the RL and Qd values of the road marking lines has been used for many years in Spain and Portugal. This year, Trafiurbe won the BRISA tender 2017 for highway A12 in Portugal.
18-07-17 - Netherlands
Rabobank Eindhoven in the Netherlands just got a new and decorative parking space. BRTC was applying it and used therefore AquaRoute® DecoPox Roll.
13-07-17 - Italy
Back in 2012, a combined pedestrian and bicycle crossing was applied in the round about at Via Giovanni Boccaccio/Via Jacopo Corrado in Padua, Italy. The zebra crossing with special bicycle lane was applied as in a special way, where a stone shaped template is pressed into the asphalt to give the exclusive stone surface look.
12-07-17 - Finland
Kotka is the best known park-town in Finland and also abroad, at least among landscaping specialists. Lots of people come to Kotka, mainly to visit the many parks. The City of Kotka wanted to create a colorful and beautiful map, which helps the local people to realize in what a beautiful surrounding they live and tourists to locate where they are. Moreover, the tourist can plan where they want to go. The map was applied by ELPAC OY. The material it is made of, is DecoMark®.
12-06-17 - Netherlands
Velo-city 2017 in Arnhem-Nijmegen in Netherland is a global cycling summit with delegates from over 80 countries. As a part of it, the design bureau “Brandes en Meurs” was working on an interactive light-installation, which the user can control by the app "Bicycle Buddy". Our part was to install 6 logos which look like bicycle chains, which are made out of DecoMark® in front of the tunnel.
08-06-17 - Iran
Tehran International High School has been decorated with preformed thermoplastic games, numbers and leters. Both to inspire the children and students to play and be active in the school yard, but also to motivate to active learning.
30-05-17 - Germany
We have all seen the „Parking for mothers “parking spaces, but did you also know there are parking places for pregnant women?
26-05-17 - Netherlands
In Rotterdam, a crosswalk and pedestrian crossing has turned into creative and decorative streetart
05-05-17 - Germany
The pupils from the primary school in Zscherndorf in Germany now have a reason more to look forward to the break, because they can now play on the freshly applied DecoMark® in the schoolyard.
08-03-17 - Sweden
6 Years ago red PlastiRoute® RollGrip® and PREMARK® letters was applied as a Bus Lane in Malmø, Sweden, see how it looks today.
20-02-17 - Luxembourg
The city of Käerjeng in Luxembourg got a new road marking, which is going to be applied all over the city. It is called Clausi and it will guide the children to school, and will make other road users aware of the vulnerable road users.
03-02-17 - Portugal
In Porto Airport, the pedestrian walkways to the airplanes and the symbols guiding the cars and buses driving in the airport are being renewed.
09-12-16 - Sweden
Länsstyrelsen in Blekinge is fighting smoking with PREMARK® road marking signs outside secondary schools and high schools.
18-11-16 - Portugal
The use of bicycle lanes is increasing constantly. There is a need for showing visually, where the bikes are driving, and at the same time make sure the skid resistant is sufficient enough. At Paredão de Cascais, F.L. Gaspar has applied a bicycle lane combining green PlastiRoute® RollPlast cold plastic and PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic markings.
12-10-16 - Netherlands
The eye-catching pedestrian crossing, which is applied with PlastiRoute® RollPlast, is intended to highlight the importance of diversity as well as solidarity with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in Zaandam in the Netherlands.
05-09-16 - France
Children with special needs will now be able to enjoy game facilities designed and adapted for them with DecoMark®, after Mobiplay builded a specific playground for disabled children within the dedicated care center ESEAN-ISSE in Nantes, France.
13-05-16 - Denmark
Langeland kommune has started to apply ChipFill® thermoplastic road repair material at the harbour quay in Rudkøbing, Denmark. The reason is that Langeland kommune wants to avoid that the cobble stones are washed away by sea water during high tides or storm.
04-05-16 - Belgium
Geveko Markings has applied skid resistant and non slippery surface markings in Haaltert, Belgium. 2500 m2 was sprayed with PlastiRoute® 3 component coldplastic. The skid resistant area markings create a non slippery surface at the road crossings, intersections and sharp turns.
28-04-16 - Denmark
DecoMark® creative and decorative markings have contributed to active learning and many hours of fun in the playgrounds. At Vestre skole in Denmark the number grid, dart game, compass and alphabet were applied in 2009, and they still look nice and colourful in the school yard.
11-03-16 - United Kingdom
The polished iron manhole covers and highway castings have for a long time been problematic for motorcyclists. Now, British Motorcyclists Federation is cooperating with Preformed markings and Geveko Markings to secure the slippery manhole covers.
14-01-15 - Spain
DecoMark® preformed thermoplastic city map of Barcelona is now guiding tourist and visitors.