PREMARK™ helps keep the roads clean

“Thanks for nothing… at the roadside” – this is what it says on these road marking signs that are part of a campaign launched by the Danish Road Directorate encouraging people not to throw their trash along the road.

The purpose of this campaign is to put focus on and limit the 700 tons of trash that end up along the Danish roads every year. This is damaging for the both the environment, animal life, but also for the safety for all road users.

With a sense of humor, the campaign encourages people to think before throwing the trash anywhere else but in the trash bin. We are proud that our products can help create awareness around this important a subject.

The markings are made in our preformed thermoplastic material and have been applied by our customer, PEAB on various access ramps, on pull-up areas along the motorway and in parking bays.

They are made in two different sizes – the smaller ones (1500x1500 mm) for places where people walk and in parking areas, while the larger version (1700x2400 mm) is applied in the roadside and on pull-up areas.

Apart from the road marking applications, the campaign also consists of more traditional advertising such as posters, outdoor banner and online ads. It is a good example of how horizontal applications are able to contribute to a campaign and create awareness around any number of subjects.

Contact your local Geveko Markings expert today if you want to know more about the many possibilities.


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