Accessibility & Safety

Safe-proof exposed areas and guide the visually impaired safely on their way

Accessibility and Safety - Safe-proofing exposed areas and guiding the visually impaired safely on their way

The solution

All you need for your accessibility and safety requirements

1 Guidance and tactile markings

We offer two different types of tiles which makes it possible to navigate the streets in a safe and comfortable way - TacPad™ and TacGuide™. With each of their tactile properties, these markings can help guide blind and visually impaired people and provide slip- and skid-resistant surfaces for improved safety.

2 Anti-skid steps

Slippery steps can be the cause of serious accidents - but these can be avoided with GripTech™ T Grip. This preformed thermoplastic material has particularly strong anti-skid properties and is highly recommended for accentuating steps and for safe-proofing slippery substrates all around.

Warning and restrictions

It is important to keep people informed about hazardous or restricted areas. In these situations, GripTech™ T Grip safety lines offers a clear-cut solution. The preformed material is easy to apply and the eye-catching black and yellow colours demand the required attention to keep people alert. 

Tactile markings on walkway to signal visually impaired people it is safe to cross the road

Tactile Markings

Everyone should be able to feel safe in traffic - and for visually impaired people, this can be a challenge if their handicap is not considered. Our range of tactile markings makes it possible to guide people with impaired vision safely through hazardous areas in traffic.

Stairs and steps - alert about upcoming steps and anti slip products

Safety Markings

Why not safe-proof exposed areas before it is too late? With our safety markings, we focus on increasing friction and awareness on hazardous areas in order to prevent accidents. For this purpose, we offer a range of anti-skid and contrast markings.

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White TacPad MTA before pedestrian crossing

Tactile Markings

GripTechâ„¢ slip resistant surfaces

Anti-slip Surfaces

Paints & Plural Components for accessibility

Plural Components

Equal access and safety for everyone - Accessibility solution

Enhancing safety for everyone, everywhere

At Geveko Markings we are proud to provide markings that helps create equal access and safety for everyone. Our solutions for this area covers two distinct, but at the same time related areas. While 'accessibility' focusses on guiding the visually impaired and making sure that they have equal accessibility opportunities, 'safety' is our overarching category for markings that aims to create safe conditions for pedestrians in general. 

Want to ensure the safety of pedestrians and visually impaired people?

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