Chalkline used for road marking


Little extra helpers to achieve a flawless application

The little extra helpers you need to make your application more convenient and achieve a flawless end result. We have got you covered with our selection of additional application tools and appliances. 

Products within the range

Glass bead dispenser

Glass bead dispenser - Geveko Markings

This handheld glass bead dispenser helps you minimise waste and distribute surface applied glass beads uniformly on the marking for optimum results.


Scraper - Geveko Markings

Measuring 180 X 450 mm this steel scraper is a handy and versatile addition to your road marking kit and a useful tool for many applications.

Chalk line

Chalkline - Geveko Markings

To ensure perfectly aligned applications, this 30m chalk line is an essential little helper. With this toll you can quickly mark up the needed guidelines for your markings on any surface. 

Infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometre - Geveko Markings

With this handheld infrared thermometer, you can measure surface temperatures from -35°C to + 500°C at a safe distance and with fast and reliable results.

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