Airfield Markings - Ensure safe travels with certified markings

Airfield Markings

Ensure safe travels with certified markings

An airfield is an area with strict demands and safety standards that must be followed at all times. In that connection, horizontal markings play an important role and the quality of these markings cannot be bargained with.  
Airfield markings provide essential information to the pilot during takeoff, landing, and taxiing on the premises. 

Approved quality

Our range of certified products is your guarantee for approved quality on the airfield. We offer the full range of high-quality markings for markings required at the airfield.

Certified airfield markings

Certified airfield markings

We offer two types of paint specifically developed for this purpose: The waterborne AquaRoute™ UWS Airport and the solventborne 3SRoute™ Polykolor Airport. Both of these paints are produced in specific colour tones certified according to ICAO/EASA standards. They provide fast, easy, hassle-free application right out of the bucket with as little disruption on the airfield as possible. 

Legible symbols for airfields markings

Legible symbols

Easily recognisable signage is essential on the airfield. To ensure that the pilot can navigate correctly, these markings must be of a guaranteed quality. With our choices of specially developped airfield paints, you can rest assured that the markings live up to the required standards for signage on all typical airfield surfaces.  

Specialised signage for airfield markings

Specialised signage

Airfield markings are very specific for airplane traffic and include for instance runway numbers, holding position signs, and taxiway markings. The markings are also susceptible to different wear, exposure and traffic than your normal road markings - but here you can count on AquaRoute™ UWS Airport and 3SRoute™ Polykolor Airport to do the job.

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