Decorative Surfacing

Transform areas into safe, creative, and visually stunning spaces

Decorative Surfacing - Transforming all types of areas into safe and visually stunning spaces

The solution

All you need for your decorative surfacing requirements

1 Playground Games

Playground games can be a fun and alternative way of learning to spell or count. If you choose from our wide range of pre-designed DecoMark™ games, you can create a playful environment in no time. The easily applicable games have been tried and tested and we guarantee countless hours of entertainment for children of all ages. 

2 Public Decoration

With a combination of our DecoMark™ and PlastiRoute™ product lines, you can provide any paths or plaza with a decorative make-over. Whether you are looking for markings that matches the surroundings or stand out to create attention, these materials lets you create colurful surfaces, shapes, and symbols exactly to your liking.  


Add your specific mark to any area! With our preformed DecoMark™ material, any type of symbol can be made in bespoke designs. This means that you can get your company logo, club emblem or school crest made to create a stunning and professional look on any surface.

Example of decomark playground for decorative markings


Make your playground a place for fun, creativity and active learning with our range of decorative markings. Our DecoMark™ games can be used on their own or on top of an paint or plural component undercoat. Our markings are designed to bind well with each other making it easy to create safe and inspiring places to play.

Use our range of material to mark your parking area or company entrance


Our range of materials for decorative surfacing offers an alternative approach for branding your business, club or organisation. By marking your parking area or company entrance with corporate colours, logos or symbols you can welcome visitors in style in a way that is aligned with your corporate expression. 

Decorative pedestrian walkways on public areas with creative marking

Landscaping & Decoration

Transform urban areas, pathways, entrances, and driveways into stunning, decorative spaces. Common for our solutions for this area is that they combine visual appearance with high functionality. With our quality materials, we can help you create eye-catching applications adopted to various specifications and requirements. 

Explore our product lines

Stand out from the crowd with our colourful and innovative marking products

Decorative preformed thermoplastic with DecoMarkā„¢ material

Decorative Preformed Thermoplastic

Decorative creation with coloured paint POLYKOLOR

Coloured Paints

Artist: Zdey - ©Tim Jarrosson

Example of decorative resin bonded surfacing

Resin Bonded Surfacing

Resin Bound Surfacing

Add a splash of colour to any dull surface

Our decorative solutions can make previously dark and dull surfaces stand out. Whether it is refurbishment of a playground, decoration of a public area, or branding of a commercial environment, our visually stunning products offer modern and creative solutions that fits your needs and desires. With our combination of products, the options are almost endless -so just give free rein to your imagination and make the asphalt your canvas.

Rest assured that safety is our first priority

No matter what solution you choose, you do not have to worry about safety issues either. Our products come with anti-slip features, so surfaces are alwyas safe to walk and play on. Durability is neither an issue as our product technology comes from the road marking world where they are designed to withstand immense wear and tear.

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