Geveko Markings produces and sells road markings, line markings, decorative markings, skid resistant markings and other types of horizontal signage to markets around the world.

We focus our business on supplying the right material to road markings and line markings and we have over 90 years of experience from the industry. Competent sparring, expertise and knowledge are the factors we rely on to guide you in the right direction when you have a road marking job to do!


Creative and colourful pedestrian crossings in Croydon

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Catch a glimpse of the range of colourful shared spaces and crossings made of...

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Application of preformed thermoplastic markings is easily done with an hand held gas burner, and you can do the application almost all year around.

ViaTherm® is a certified thermoplastic road marking material for a wide variety of normal, special and structural markings. Suitable for both Type I & II markings.

PlastiRoute® cold plastic traffic markings meet the demanding requirements of marking reliably at high traffic loads or in varying weather conditions.

AquaRoute® water borne paint is ideal when it comes to easy application of road markings. It is environmentally friendly with no special restrictions to work safety.

DecoMark® markings provide solutions for individual and special designs of logos, games and much more. Your imagination is the only limit!

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16-05-18 - United Kingdom
Pedestrian crossings come in many shapes and sizes. Just look at the colourful and creative crossings and shared spaces that our client, THB, has applied in Croydon, London.
10-11-17 - United Kingdom
The pupils on Leuchars Primary School in Scotland have been granted a new and colourful DecoMark® playground to play on. Former pupil Craig Cummings took the initiative to contact suppliers and ask for their help - and Preformed Markings was happy to assist.
10-11-17 - United Kingdom
For over 10 år siden ansøgte Leuchars Primary School i Skotland om støtte til en ny legeplads. Men først for nylig blev det en realitet, da tidligere elev Craig Cummings bedte lokale leverandører om hjælp og vores britiske datterselskab, Preformed Markings Ltd, stod klar til at hjælpe med DecoMark® markeringer til legepladsen.
16-10-17 - Faroe Islands
The scenic surroundic in Vága on the Faroe Island has been given a splash of colour. The Faroe road authorities, Landsverk, and our Country Manager at Geveko Markings, Henrik Nielsen, collaborated on making the city roundabout safer by applying red PlastiRoute® RollGrip®.
16-10-17 - Faroe Islands
Det færøske vejdirektorat, Landsverk har i samarbejde med vores danske Country Manager, Henrik Nielsen udlagt rød PlatiRoute® RollGrip® på en rundkørsel i færøske Vága. Den iøjnefaldende røde rundkørsel opfordrer bilister til at køre mere forsigtigt.
26-09-17 - United Kingdom
For the London Design Festival, artist Thierry Noir has designed a colorful and creative pedestrian crossing in DecoMark® showcasing his iconic style with cartoon-like profiles.