Geveko Markings produces and sells road markings, decorative markings, skid resistant markings and other types of horizontal signage to markets around the world.

We focus our business on supplying the right material to road markings and line markings and we have over 90 years of experience from the industry. Competent sparring, expertise and knowledge are the factors we rely on to guide you in the right direction when you have a road marking job to do!



National Road & Traffic Expo 

17 - 18 September 2019

MCEC | Victoria, Australia 

Stand #1221

Supplier of all your road marking material needs

Application of preformed thermoplastic markings is easily done with an hand held gas burner, and you can do the application almost all year around.

ViaTherm® is a certified thermoplastic road marking material for a wide variety of normal, special and structural markings. Suitable for both Type I & II markings.

PlastiRoute® cold plastic traffic markings meet the demanding requirements of marking reliably at high traffic loads or in varying weather conditions.

AquaRoute® water borne paint is ideal when it comes to easy application of road markings. It is environmentally friendly with no special restrictions to work safety.

DecoMark® markings provide solutions for individual and special designs of logos, games and much more. Your imagination is the only limit!

Ensuring safe traffic worldwide

We simply love Markings.

We know Markings, we leave nothing to chance.

We are devoted to create the most efficient solutions

and turn every single detail to make the solution just right for you.

Markings is our life.

It is all about passion, knowledge and actually loving what we are doing.

Things have to be and feel right.


PlastiRoute® slows down cars in Carcavelos
23-08-19 - Portugal
This bright red braking zone made of PlastiRoute® RollGrip® helps keep school children safe by encouraging car drivers to slow down before they reach a pedestrian crossing near the local school.
05-08-19 - United States
Solutions that are both practical and visually appealing doesn’t usually grow on trees. But at the Golda Meir House retirement community in Massachusetts, such a solution can be found under the newly-planted trees in their courtyard.
15-07-19 - United Kingdom
Thanks to DecoMark®, a previously dark and dull asphalt footpath leading to Springburn Park in Glasgow has been transformed to a brightly coloured area leading the visitors on their way.
02-07-19 - Portugal
With this newly applied bright green bike lane, Lisbon has become safer and more accessible for bike riders. This once again goes to show that PlastiRoute® RollPlast® is an ideal solution for bike lanes.
06-06-19 - Portugal
Red and white PREMARK® pedestrian crossings have been a great success in the area of Oeiras in Portugal and as a result, an increasing number is planned to be applied.
12-04-19 - United Kingdom
When the Cornwall-based educational charity, Eden Project, recently needed to refurbish the pathways in their awe-inspiring gardens, Adtex Resin Bonded Paving provided the perfect solution.