Social Distancing - Stay safe with social distancing signage

Social Distancing

Stay safe with social distancing signage

The concept of social distancing became an integrated part of our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic - and by the look of it, this seems to be a permament change. Keeping a distance is one of the main precautions we can all take in order to keep each other safe. Problem is that most of us find it difficult to estimate distance correctly. Therefore, graphic cues and symbols can be a great help as they remind us about current guidelines and make it easy to follow them. 

Markings make it easy to stay safe

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction. If you are looking for more inspiration about social distancing signage, feel free to download our brochure. Here you'll find a lot more information and good examples on how to get started. 

Custom designed symbols for social distancing

Custom designed symbols

Horizontal markings  can carry the exact message you prefer in a way that is easy to understand. If you need a symbol to fit a specific size or need a custom design, we can adapt the design to suit your specific needs. Our permanent and easily applicable PREMARK™ signs are a simple, but effective way of visualising how people can keep a safe distance in public spaces.

PREMARK rolls are the ideal choice to outline areas

Outlined areas

Our PREMARK™ rolls are the ideal choice if you are in need of lines that are easily applied and which are ready to use on delivery. These lines can help mark where people should stand in line or to outline specific areas for specific purposes. for example. The rolls are a fast, effective and not least durable solution. 

Social distancing signage make it easy to stay safe

Temporary distancing

Not all markings needs to be permanent. As guidelines change, so should the markings. For this purpose, we recommend our temporary paints and spraycans as these markings can be changed when they are no longer needed. AquaRoute™ Tempi will get the job done an be easily removed or changed afterwards.

Want to know more about the possibilities with social distancing markings?

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