Pothole Repair System - Effective repair of big and small potholes

Pothole Repair System

Effective repair of big and small potholes

Chipfill scattered coppers in road hole

ChipFill™ is our effective pothole repair system for smaller damages on roads. It is fast and easily applied with the use of a heat torch which makes it conform to the contours of the pothole and bond to the surface. This makes ChipFill a durable and cost-effective solution as it prevents damages from becoming bigger and more expensive to repair.

Application of ChipFill with a blower to fill potholes
Application of ChipFill to fill joints between cobblestones


  • The easy installation with just the use of a heat torch ensures a quick repair of road damages and a minimal downtime of traffic.
  • Avoid small damages turning into costly repair projects as ChipFill conforms to the contours of the pothole and prevents water ingress that makes the damages larger.
  • The possibility for all-year-round application lets you fix the damages whenever you see them.
Application of AggreFill 1

Potholes that are left unattended can become a great threat to road safety and beyond what ChipFill is able to repair on its own. This is where AggreFill comes to the rescue. By combining ChipFill with this pre-coated aggregate filler, you will be able to repair bigger and deeper holes and keep roads from deteriorating further.

AggreFill close up
AggreFill applied with ChipFill using a heat torch


  • Repair larger potholes of up to 1 sqm in diameter with the unique two-part system in which Aggrefill functions as a filler.
  • Fix damages in a matter of minutes as the combination of AggreFill and ChipFill is made to set rapidly so that traffic can re-open quickly.
  • AggreFill makes it possible to benefit from the unique qualities of ChipFill on even more types of repairs, while still requiring only a limited number of products, tools, and equipment.
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