Traffic Area & Parking

Make selected areas stand out to guide and protect road users

Traffic area and parking - Making selected areas stand out to guide and protect road users

The solution

All you need for your traffic area and parking requirements

1 Colour Demarcation

With our colourful plural components you can make parking spaces and cycle lanes stand out while adding skid-resistance to the surface. For smaller areas, we recommend hand-applying PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip or Rollplast with a paint roller. For fast application on larger areas, use PlastiRoute™ Spraygrip or Sprayplast which is applied with our AreaSpray™ machine.

2 Lining

Lines on the parking lot is necessary to mark out the individual parking stalls. A clear separation makes it easy to navigave the parking lot which helps to avoid confusion and keep the traffic flow organised. This is easily done with our PREMARK™ lines that separate each parking stall in no time and with a durable result.  


Our PREMARK™ symbols are known for their high durability and are developed for permanent use outdoors. They go perfectly on top of a brightly coloured surface creating eye-catching and practical traffic area solution. Be it handicap signs, electric charging symbols, or arrows for guidance, everything can be made in this preformed material. With PaveSmart™, it is possible to apply borders in parking spaces to prevent cars from accidently driving into and possibly damaging the e-charging stations.

Cycling and micromobility preformed markings geveko markings


With our micromobility markings, we put safety, health and environment in the front seat. The overall purpose is to separate the more vulnerable road users from the rest of the road. This can be done with coloured areas, clearly marked routes and cycles lanes which allow the more vulnerable road users to ride safely at their own speed.

Preferential lanes are designated for special traffic uses

Preferential Lanes

These are lanes designated fully or partly for special traffic uses such as high-occupancy vehicles, buses, taxis, or bicycles. We recommend a combination of products to add colour, friction and legible symbols for ensuring the best traffical conditions for road users.

Parking and logistics marking help you find your way around a parking lot

Parking & Logistics

Finding an empty parking spot in a big and busy parking area is not always easy - but with the right markings it can be. With legible symbols and attention-grabbing colourful spaces, you can make it easier for people to navigate around parking areas.

High friction surfaces - Resin bounded gravel on a slope crossroad

High Friction Surfaces

High Friction Surfacing (HFS) have become a major safety feature of the highway industry. It is commonly used in areas where there is a potential safety issue with vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians including approaches to traffic lights, intersections, roundabouts and sharp bends.

Create colourful crossing with our preformed material

Speciality Crossings

Pedestrian crossings doesn't have to be plain white. With our preformed thermoplastic material you can make crossing the road a more creative experience. Even complex designs and patterns can be produced in our preformed material, which is also fast and easy to apply.

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Product line preformed marking for electric parking

Preformed Thermoplastic

Application of rollgrip at stenstrup denmark

Plural Components

Features and advantages of Viadecor resins

Resin Bonded Surfacing

PaveSmart rustic pavers to create an aesthetically pleasing surface

Pavers & Borders

Create areas that demand attention

Some areas in traffic need extra attention. With our extensive product range, you can choose from a selection of products that will make any area stand out, increase safety and improve flow. Adding colour and friction is a great way to upgrade the road surface and lower the risk of accidents in these areas. By enhancing areas in terms of striking colours and skid-resistance, you can ensure that they are both noticeable and safe for all road users.

Traffic area and parking making - selected areas stand out to guide and protect

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