Combine fun and learning with our playful markings

Dark and boring surfaces are not particularly inspiring for children to play on. So why not brighten up such spaces with colourful and creative designs to make the playground something special?
Our materials provide a quick and easy solution for a wide range of games that encourage physical activity and learning among children. 

Imaginative play

Decorative games invite the children to be active while having fun. For instance, DecoMark playground games can be a fun and alternative way of learning how to spell or count. The options are endless – so give free rein to your imagination.

Preformed thermoplastic games encourage children in active learning

Active learning

With our preformed thermoplastic material you get permanent applications that make it fun to learn during break time or as part of the school lessons. With DecoMark's many standard game designs, you can make it fun to learn how to read, count, or telling the time - just to name a few examples.

Games like hopscotches help children to play and maintain physical activity

Physical activity

You don't need chalk to constantly draw up games at the playground. With our preformed thermoplastic material, you get permanent applications that encourage children to play and have fun while being active. Our standard designs include a range of both classic and modern hopscotch designs that children will jump right on as soon as the break starts. 

Traffic playgrounds dedicated to teaching children about cycling

Traffic playgrounds

Learning how to behave in traffic is something that all children should learn - and the sooner the better. Traffic playgrounds dedicated to teaching children about cycling in a fun and engaging way. With our products, you can easily create a safe place where children can familiarise themselves with real-world scenarios in complete safety.

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