Preferential Lanes - Make designated lanes stand out

Preferential Lanes

Make designated lanes stand out

Preferential lanes are areas on the road that are designated fully or partly for special traffic uses such as high-occupancy vehicles, buses, taxis, or bicycles - and here, clear and easily identifiable markings are essential if you want to avoid confusion and potential accidents. 

Mark your lanes in the right way

We recommend a combination of products that add colour, friction and legible symbols to create a solution that ensures the best traffical conditions for road users. 

Colour demarcation to make easily preferential lanes

Colour demarcation

With our colourful paints and plural components you can easily make preferential lanes stand out while at the same time adding skid-resistance to the surface. If you are doing a smaller number of lanes, you can hand-apply PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip or Rollplast with a paint roller. For fast application on larger areas, we recommend using Spraygrip which is applied with our AreaSpray™ machine.

Recognisable symbols such as BUS or TAXI words for preferential lanes

Recognisable symbols

In addition to a colurful surface, it can be necessary to add symbols or letters to indicate what exactly the lane is dedicated for. With our preformed PREMARK™ material, this is easily done. The words "BUS" or "TAXI" can for example easily be applied on top of the coloured surface as our products are designed to bind well with each other. 

Marking the lanes in bright colours and adding legible symbols arrows or letters to provide road guidance


With well-executed preferential lanes, you can help create a safer and better traffic flow. By marking the lanes in bright colours and adding legible symbols, arrows, or letters, you help provide the needed guidance for busy road users. This can eliminate some of the confusion in heavy traffic areas and make for a more efficient flow of traffic. 

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