Waterborne Paints - Fast-drying paints with low environmental impact

Waterborne Paints

Fast-drying paints with low environmental impact

Waterborne paints used for road symbols and signage

AquaRoute™ is our line of waterborne road marking paints characterised by their easy use and fast-drying abilities. There are no special restrictions in order to work with our  AquaRoute paints as they don't contain any hazardous materials. They are available in a wide range of grades from temporary to high durability and can be used to create both smooth and rough surfaces. 

Type II large drop on material
Fast Color is a waterborne paint that can be used to create colourful surfaces
Airless application of waterborne pedestrian crossing


  • Minimise the environmental impact of your markings by using our AquaRoute paints which consist of non-hazardous material with low VOC.
  • Reduce the shutdown of traffic by spraying your AquaRoute application with the TwinDry-accellerator which speeds up the drying time.
  • Avoid any unnecessary hassle in the application process as our waterborne paints make cleaning the equipment fast and easy.

Products within the range

AquaRoute AQ4 is a waterborne paint recommended for country roads with limited traffic

AquaRoute™ AQ4

This premixed paint is ready to use straight out of the bucket which makes application very easy. We recommend it for areas with limited traffic, such as country roads where it works ideally for white line markings. 


  1. Avoid the hassle of combining components yourself, as this premixed paint can be used directly from the bucket.
  2. With both BASt, CE, and Copro certifications, AquaRoute AQ4 is your guarantee for a proven quality paint that can be used for a wide range of requirements.
AquaRoute Deco Rough is a two component highly durable anti skid paint

AquaRoute™ Deco Rough

A highly durable two-component paint with strong anti-skid properties. We recommend it for large traffic and parking areas, especially for pedestrian and cycle lanes where a high skid-resistance is required. 


  1. Because of its intermixed aggregates, AquaRoute™ Deco Rough provides consistently high anti-skid levels, so you don't have to post-sprinkle your application.
  2. Certified according to P7 standards, AquaRoute Deco Rough has a proven long durability which saves you the costs of frequent re-applications.
  3. A cross-linking technology makes it easy to combine your AquaRoute Deco Rough application with our preformed thermoplastic symbols, as the products bind well with each other without the use of a primer. 
AquaRoute Tempi is a temporary waterbased road paint used here as track markings

AquaRoute™ Tempi

This temporary water-based paint is the ideal choice if you are looking for non-permanent road markings for events like city runs and festivals or need to re-route a road for a limited time period. The lifetime of the marking is between 3-8 weeks depending on the thickness of the marking, place of application, and general wear and tear. If necessary, it can be removed by high-pressure water jet blasting.


  1. Avoid confusing, permanent markings in areas where they are not needed with this temporary waterbased paint.

  2. Get the exact color strength you need by controlling the mix of base and paste.
  3. Save time with the easy application and cleaning process, as AquaRoute Tempi can be applied with airless equipment or hand tools and is easily cleaned off. 
AquaRoute RaceLine is a developed waterborne marking for the use on racetracks

AquaRoute™ Raceline

This is our waterborne paint developed specifically for use on race tracks where every minute detail matters. AquaRoute Raceline offers all the properties required for car races - including excellent surface adhesion, high performance, and fast-drying abilities. 


  1. Create the optimal driving conditions with AquaRoute Raceline markings which has the same unique adhesion and friction properties as asphalt and therefore don't affect the driver.
  2. With its fast-drying abilities, AquaRoute Raceline allows for effective application and minimum disturbance of the track that can quickly be re-opened.
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