Speciality Crossings - Make crossing the road an impressive experience

Speciality Crossings

Cross the road in a creative way

Why do pedestrian crossings have to be plain white when they can be beautiful artwork? Bright colours and bold designs are impossible not to notice. With a speciality crossing, you can help bring attention to a potentially hazardous area on the road. This can be an added safety benefit as people will automatically be more alert when seeing something out of the ordinary. At the same time, it can be a way to add a splash of creativity to the urban environment. 

Crossings that make an impression

With our preformed thermoplastic material, you have a chance to put some colour and creativity back into the urban areas. Pedestrian crossings have to be noticeable to make people alert when they cross the road – and with our products, you can do just that! Whether you go for a classic design or a speciality crossing, we are here to guide you on the way.

Create pedestrian crossings that make an impression
Custom designed pedestrian crossing in PREMARK preformed material

Custom-designed markings

When it comes to the design of your creative crossing, the possibilities are almost endless. Even complex designs and patterns can be produced in our preformed PREMARK™ material. It comes in sheets that are fitted together like a puzzle, which is then heated to make it bond with the surface. Thanks to this application method, it is easy to apply even intricate designs.

3D pedestrian crossings to make these designed PREMARK markings create an eye catching optical illusion

3D markings

These specially designed PREMARK™ markings create an eye-catching optical illusion to give the pedestrian crossing a three-dimensional effect. This is a decorative and effective way of assuring that drivers are alert when they reach the area designated to protect pedestrians. The result is a striking piece of street art that looks very convincing when seen from a specific angle. 

Artwork on the road for speciality crossing projects

Artwork on the road

For speciality crossing projects, it is not uncommon to have an artist directly involved in the design process. For the artists, this is a great way to get their art out in public for people to see and enjoy it - and for the local area, the artistic marking can help liven up the urban space and sometimes even create a recognisable landmark of the city.

Looking for more inspiration on creative crossings?

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