Urban Road Markings - Control the traffic flow on busy streets

Urban Road Markings

Control the traffic flow on busy streets

Markings for highly trafficked city areas must be able to endure a lot of drive-overs. When done correctly, they play a big role in helping to control the flow and preventing accidents and traffic jams. We offer a wide range of solutions for highly durable pedestrian crossings, intersections, and other types of typical city markings that adheres to national regulations. 

Markings for busy streets

There are special considerations to be taken when choosing road markings for urban areas. Let us guide you through the urban traffic jungle!

Pedestrian crossings as urban road markings

Pedestrian crossings

In the place designated for traffic to stop and allow people to walk across, people should be able to feel safe. Therefore, pedestrian crossings should be clearly marked with highly visible markings. With our highly durable PREMARK materials, you can be sure to live up to all national standards and requirements. 

Lane markings in urban road environment

Lane markings

Markings in the city environments do not require the same amount of retroreflection as on highways and rural roads. We offer hot-applied products developed especially for city requirements with high skid-resistance to prevent slippery surfaces and avoid accidents. 

Intersections in Urban road markings


For city streets to meet the needs and demands of everyone using them, intersections need to function as safely and efficiently as possible. Our certified PREMARK™ symbols such as arrows, lines, and yield markings help make traffic more intuitive and predictable for those passing through.

Let us help you enhance safety on city streets!

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