Road & Highway Markings - Let our certified markings lead the way

Road & Highway Markings

Let our certified markings lead the way

When driving along roads and highways, horizontal markings are your primary source of road information. They not only mark the lanes to make sure you position your car properly on the road, they also warn you about any potential hazards ahead. If applied as a structured marking, the lines can supply a rumble effect to keep you physically alert as well.  

At Geveko Markings, we offer a full range of tried, tested, and certified road marking materials that are guaranteed to live up to national regulations and performance standards.

Time for reflection

Did you know that road markings achieve their retroreflective properties thanks to glass beads that are embedded within and on top of the marking material? The glass beads reflect the light of the driver’s headlights back at the driver - and that is why you are able to see them in the dark.

Edges and centre lines markings on roads and highways

Linear markings

Visible markings are vital in order to ensure that drivers stay in the right lane and are able to find their way in all types of weather conditions. For linear markings on high-traffic roads, we specifically recommend our hot-applied products or plural component systems that can be applied as both flat and structured markings. Flat Type I markings provide high visibility at night in dry weather conditions, whereas Type II markings are often seen as structured markings which have special properties that provide high visibility in wet or rainy conditions as well.

Preformed traffic symbols and signage for Roads & Highways

Traffic symbols and signage

Our certified PREMARK™ marking range includes all types of symbols and signage to help drivers navigate and ease traffic flow. The markings have a high level of retroreflection which makes them visible at night when car lights reflect on their surface. The PREMARK material is known for being fast and easy to apply with a minimum downtime of traffic. 

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