Branding - Make your brand seen on all surfaces


Make your brand seen on all surfaces

Our range of materials for decorative surfacing offers an easy way of branding your business, club, or organisation. With markings that represent your company colours, logos, or symbols, you can welcome visitors to your site in a way that is completely aligned with your corporate expression. Our products are easily combinable providing you with a complete solution that helps keep your brand top-of-mind.

Let the ground be a message carrier

Horizontal surfaces have a high potential for marketing purposes - but unfortunately, this potential is often neglected. At Geveko Markings, we try to make it easy to create appealing and welcoming surfaces that increase recognition. 

By offering easily applicable markings in bespoke designs, we have helped customers around the world create first impressions that last - and we are ready to help you too. 

Bespoke designs on ground to welcome customers and create first impressions that last
Commercial area branding to promote your image with our preformed thermoplastic material

Commercial area branding

Use your corporate signifiers to welcome guests, visitors, and clients, while promoting your image. With our preformed DecoMark™ material, you can get a custom-designed marking that replicates your logo's font and brand colours precisely. Apply your markings directly on the asphalt with a heat torch - or combine it with a coloured surface for a complete look. 

Stadium application of Leyton Football club logo in DecoMarkā„¢ to welcome fans

Stadiums applications

Why not welcome fans to your stadium with your club's logo and colours? Our DecoMark™ and MMA materials can easilly be combined to create the solution of your choice. Recognisable markings like these make a big impression and can be applied in various places on the stadium ground. You can also use this often untouched marketing space for advertising spots with sponsor logos. 

Directions & guidance markings to guide visitors and advertise your brand

Direction & guidance markings

Branding can also be used to help guide guests and visitors in the right direction when entering your premises. This can be relevant in places like drive-throughs, gas stations, department stores, or larger office complexes. With recognisable DecoMark logos, arrows, and other types of guidance, you can make it easier for visitors to find their way, and at the same time advertise your brand. 

Do you also want to welcome visitors to your company in style?

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