Sports & Outdoor Events - Mark your special occasion with temporary signage

Sports & Outdoor Events

Mark your special occasion with temporary signage

For cultural events such as city runs, cycling races, and concerts, our temporary markings are a popular solution - and we understand why! They are an ideal choice when it comes to marking up routes and guiding participants on their way for a short-term period.  

Markings for short-term requirements

Common for sports and outdoor events is that they are usually temporary. Most are over in a matter of days or weeks, and therefore our waterborne AquaRoute™ Tempi fits this requirement perfectly. It is a temporary marking that is worn down fast by wear from traffic and weathering.

Temporary paints and spraycans for city runs

City runs

For outdoor seasonal markets, we recommend our temporary paints and spraycans as these markings can be changed at the same pace as the markets come and go. AquaRoute™ Tempi is a popular solution for events like city runs. By guiding people effectively on their way, these markings will get the job done and be easily removed once the event is over. 

Lane and position markings clearly and easily identifiable to provide guidance

Special events

Clear and easily identifiable lane markings are always necessary to provide guidance and avoid confusion or potential accidents. This is especially true at special events, where the roads sometimes need to be provided with alternative signage. We offer a broad range of products that add colour or legible symbols to create a suitable solution. 

Coloured way guidance markings for festivals and concerts


Way guidance markings can be an effective tool for events like concerts and festivals as they make it easier for people to find their way around the area and get the best possible festival experience. AquaRoute™ Tempi is the ideal choice for this type of markings with its wide range of colours and short-term durability which fits perfectly for a temporary event.

Let us help you mark your next sport event or special occasion!

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