Race Tracks - Be on track for every race with the right markings

Race Tracks

Be on track for every race with the right markings

When it comes to race cars, every minute detail is measured, tried, and tested before a race. So why demand anything less of your race track markings? 
We have developed a unique marking solution specifically for use on race tracks that accounts for all  the seemingly small factors that can be pivotal in a sport where every millisecond counts. 

AquaRoute RaceLine is a developed waterborne marking for the use on racetracks

Create optimal racing conditions

A water-based product, AquaRoute™ Raceline is designed with respect for the environment - and it has gained respect among the heavyweights of the racing industry as well. This paint has been used in the circuits at Le Mans, Le Castellet, Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps to name a few.

AquaRoute™ Raceline creates the optimal driving conditions as the paint has the same unique adhesion and friction properties as asphalt and therefore doesn't influence the drive negatively.

Stay safe at all speeds

At Geveko Markings, we have developed a waterborne paint specifically for use on race tracks, so that you can rest assured that your markings live up to all the specific standards required on a circuit. 

Fast-drying abilities for AquaRoute Raceline

Fast-drying abilities

For race tracks, where speed is of the essence, you need a fast solution! AquaRoute™ Raceline is a high-performance waterborne paint specifically developed for the use on race racks. With its fast-drying abilities, it allows for effective application and minimum disturbance of the track that can quickly be re-opened. 

Raceline has properties similar to asphalt to prevent drivers from being influenced

Properties similar to asphalt

AquaRoute™ Raceline is characterised by having the same  adhesion and friction properties as asphalt. By eliminating the difference between the track's marked areas and its asphalt areas, you ensure that the changing surface doesn’t influence the drivers. And in a racing situation, this can be a decisive detail. 

Recognisable patterns and symbols for race tracks

Recognisable signage

Easily recognisable signage is an integral part of ensuring that a race run smootly.  Check-patterned start and finish line, striped track limit lines and brightly coloured pit lane markings. These are just a few examples of race track markings that are designed to grab attention and provide information to the drivers during a race. 

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