Safe travels with tactile markings

Our TacPad™ and TacGuide™ markings help guide the blind and visually impaired and let them move safely around the Central Station in Luxembourg via tactile warnings.

Gare Centrale Routière is the name of the central station in Luxembourg. Here, our TacPad and TacGuide markings now help ensure that the blind and visually impaired can feel safe when walking around the station and in the end, get safely to their destination.   

It is our German customer, S.I.D. Schaefer, who applied the safety-enhancing markings which are an essential help for all people who cannot rely on visual ques alone to get around. Given their disability, blind and visual impaired people need additional orientation aids to be able to move around safely when traveling alone. For this purpose, our tactile markings are an ideal solution.

The surface domes of TacPad and the corduroy surface of TacGuide make it possible for the blind and partially sighted to sense that they are in a hazardous area, e.g. a flight of stairs, steps or a railway crossing and therefore should proceed with caution. TacPad and TacGuide are produced in flexible thermoplastic material which is easy to handle and has highly skid-resistant properties. Cutting the material is easy and makes it possible to shape it around curves or street furniture if necessary.

At Geveko Markings, we are proud to be able to offer markings that enhances safety for everyone everywhere. Let our experts guide you in the right direction with all your marking needs. Contact us today!

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

Euston Station is one of London’s busiest train stations, and millions of passengers pass through every year. Finding a durable solution for their safety signage was therefore of crucial importance.

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