A red carpet for cyclists in Frankfurt

The red cycle lane made of PlastiRoute™ Rollplast lightens up the streets of Frankfurt, Germany. It is a good example of a micromobility measure that makes a big difference in terms of traffic safety.

Much like a red carpet, this eye-catching cycle lane is now rolled out on the streets of Frankfurt - ready to welcome all the city’s cyclists.

Our MMA product line PlastiRoute™ is often recommended for areas like these, and with good reason. Being a permanent coating with strong anti-slip properties, it has all the needed qualities to perform well on these surfaces. 

It is our bright red PlastiRoute™ Rollplast that has been used to make these particular cycle lanes stand out. The clear separation of the lanes on the road makes it easier for all road users to navigate in traffic. It especially makes a difference in increasing safety for cyclists helping them feel more comfortable riding their bikes in busy city streets. Hopefully, this added sense of safety will help convince more people to choose the bike over the car.

Are you looking for more micromobility inspiration? Contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today!

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

Euston Station is one of London’s busiest train stations, and millions of passengers pass through every year. Finding a durable solution for their safety signage was therefore of crucial importance.

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