ChipFill™ to the rescue in South Korea

This manhole cover repair in South Korea is a great example of how effective and easy road repairs can be when using ChipFill™ as the solution.

ChipFill™ is a specially designed thermoplastic for repairs of smaller holes and cracks in the road surface. As the name indicates, ChipFill consists of small chips which are easy to handle and apply. All you need is a broom and heat torch - and you will be able to fix road damages in no time! 

This is exactly what happened in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi-do near Seoul. Here, our customers from Hanwoo Tech Co., Ltd. had the chance to demonstrate the easy and effective use of ChipFill for the company, KEPCO. In this case, it was cracks around a couple of manhole covers that needed to be repaired. It is important that such damages are taken care of quickly so that they don’t spread and turn into bigger and more costly projects. And it is here, that ChipFill comes to the rescue as it can stop the damages from getting worse.

The people from KEPCO hadn’t been familiar with the ChipFill repair solution prior to the demonstration, but both they and the regional governor were very impressed with the result and the fact that the material is so easy to handle and apply. 

Are you also looking for a road repair solution, then read more here and don’t hesitate to contact you local Geveko Markings expert.

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

Euston Station is one of London’s busiest train stations, and millions of passengers pass through every year. Finding a durable solution for their safety signage was therefore of crucial importance.

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