ChipFill™ - Road & surface repair

ChipFill™ - hot applied surface defect repair system

ChipFill™ is a specially designed thermoplastic for repairs of smaller holes and cracks in the road surface. As the name indicates, ChipFill consists of small chips which are easy to handle and apply. All you need is a broom and heat torch - and you are ready to go! 

Cost-effective repairs all year round

One of the great advantages of ChipFill is its ability to easily conform to the contours of the pothole and bond to the surface. When heated, the binders in the thermoplastic bond to the bitumen in the asphalt. This makes ChipFill a durable and cost-effective solution as it prevents damages from becoming bigger and more expensive to repair. As ChipFIll can be applied all year round you can mend the damages as you see them at any time without the need for any big or bulky machinery.

Pothole repair made easy

ChipFill is easy to use and apply. Use a stiff brush to clean the hole or crack and preheat the area with a heat torch to remove all moisture from the area. Fill in a layer of ChipFill of maximum 15 mm and heat the material with the heat torch. The heated ChipFill will start to be fluent and follow the contexture of the repair. If the damaged area is deeper than 15 mm, it is important to let the first layer set before applying another layer on top. If the pothole is bigger that 25 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm in depth, we recommended combining with AggreFill™ – our precoated aggregate filler for the best results.    

You can ensure initial skid resistance and avoid ghost markings by post-sprinkling the ChipFill surface with anti-skid aggregates while the material is still hot.

One product – many applications

In addition to being an effective pothole repair, ChipFill can be used for fixing cobblestones and preventing erosion and growth of weeds between them. It can also be used to level out surfaces before the application of other road marking materials, e.g. PREMARK™. ChipFill comes in black and grey, which can be mixed to match the appearance of the particular surface.