Visibility is vital on the roads

Our Type II markings will help keep the roads safe now and are ADAS future proof.

If you have ever driven a car at night in rainy weather, you probably know the feeling of not being able to see the road clearly. This is exactly the reason why visibility and contrast of road markings need to be sufficiently high if we are to keep the roads safe. This is the case now and will be just as important in the future when Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems – or in short ADAS – is going to be even more prominent.

To function optimally, the ADAS sensors and cameras need to be able to navigate the roads – and here, road markings will continue to play a vital role. Simply stated, road markings that are visible to human drivers are also visible to cameras and sensors – that is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when choosing marking materials for the road.

Our Type II hot-applied markings provide high visibility in wet and dark conditions where road markings can otherwise be difficult to detect for humans and ADAS alike. In Denmark, for example, it has already been decided that all lane markings on the motorways will be replaced with ViaTherm™ LongDot within the next 5-8 years.

Want to know more about how to ensure safety on the roads? Contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today.

Making cycling safer in Sweden

Making cycling safer in Sweden

With help from our PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip material, bicyclists in the city of Västerås can now feel more comfortable crossing the street.

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