Modern crossings in the ancient city of Luxor

These red and white PREMARK™ crossings were recently applied on several locations in Luxor, Egypt where they help increase safety for vulnerable road users.

The city of Luxor represents a good mix between ancient history and modern life. It is sometimes referred to as the "world's greatest open-air museum" because the monuments of old temple complexes still stand within the city. With thousands of visitors as well as locals on the streets every year, safety is of course a priority. Therefore, the new application of pedestrian crossings around the city is a welcomed addition.

This project was done by our customer, Wadi Al-Aqeeq and the characteristic markings were made in our PREMARK preformed material. The combination of white and bright red colors helps grab the attention of road users to increase safety on the busy city streets.

The application of the PREMARK crossings was done just in time for the big ceremony marking the grand reopening of the 3,000-year-old Avenue of Sphinxes. After decades of excavation and restoration, this ancient road previously known as the "Path of God," was finally ready to open to the public after being covered with sand for centuries. The extravagant event was attended by the Egyptian President and marks another historical sight that will probably attract even more tourists and visitors to the city.

This marking project is a great example that we have solutions to fit into any environment and surroundings – contact us today to learn more and get inspiration for your marking needs!

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

What is a good place to heal and recover? At the children’s hospital in Sheffield, they have come up with an answer that includes an abundance of stunning colours, geometric shapes as well as our DecoMark™ material.

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