Slowing down for safety on Malaysian expressway

Our PlastiRoute™ and PREMARK™ materials have been applied on the busy DASH highway in Kuala Lumpur where it alerts drivers to slow down to increase safety.

Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH) is an elevated highway network designed to increase road capacity and solve congestion problems in one of the busy areas of Kuala Lumpur. Stretching over a total of 20 km and with an average of 50,000 daily users, safety is a great concern on this road stretch. 

We are therefore proud that our markings are being used to enhance safety on one of the highway’s accident-prone areas. Applied by our customers Road Art Sdn Bhd, the purpose of the installation is to alert drivers to slow down their vehicles to lower the risk of accidents.

The markings are a combination of red PlastiRoute Rollgrip and white PREMARK letters and the result is an eye-catching application that it is impossible not to notice. The anti-skid surface of the marking material adds an extra safety feature as it helps ensure that the marked areas don’t get slippery. 

Do you want to know more about how markings can increase traffic safety? Then contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today!

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

What is a good place to heal and recover? At the children’s hospital in Sheffield, they have come up with an answer that includes an abundance of stunning colours, geometric shapes as well as our DecoMark™ material.

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