Making a mark on Tour de France

When the 3rd stage of the Tour de France went through Lorient, the riders drove over these gigantic PREMARK™ markings specially designed for the occasion.

As this year’s Tour de France has come to an end, we can look back at a race where PREMARK markings also played a small part. The city of Lorient in the North-Western part of France, had arranged for large bike rider symbols to be applied in time for the 3rd stage of the race that went from Lorient to Pontivy.

As an extra detail to the traditional white markings, these bike rider symbols were “wearing” the traditional yellow, green and the polka dot Tour de France jerseys. A very simple, yet classy detail that instantly makes you associate with “La Grande Boucle.” At the same time, it is a great example of the infinite possibilities that the preformed PREMARK material provides. It can be designed to fit any special occasion or requirement.

These markings were made particularly large – 4 metres to be exact! This meant that they were visible from the helicopter perspective as well.

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