Marking an entrance in Sweden

By combining our PlastiRoute™ SprayGrip and DecoMark™ materials, the entrance at Swepac was given a make-over in line with the company brand.

When visitors step onto the premises of the Swedish company, Swepac, they are met with a visually aligned first impression. The company colours and logo not only adorn the company buildings but can now also be found on the surface leading up to the main entrance.

Our solution for this project was made possible with the ideal combination of products and an effective application machine. After covering and preparing the concrete area with a primer, our Applications Specialist Johan Musak used the AreaSpray™ machine for the initial application of PlastiRoute Spraygrip. The AreaSpray machine ensures an effective application process and a perfect end result if you are looking for an even and homogenous horizontal surface. It is usually recommended for larger applications where its fast application speed can be a real time-saver, but also worked out perfectly for this project where the application of the dark grey PlastiRoute Spraygrip created a skid-resistant and durable base for the later application of the bright red logo.

The red logo was made of our DecoMark preformed termoplastic and was designed specifically to replicate Swepac’s font and brand colours. As our preformed products can be applied directly on top of our PlastiRoute products, this second part of the application process could be handled with just the use of a heat torch – and voilà, a both practical and visually pleasing main entrance was created.

Do you also want to welcome visitors to your company in style? Contact us today and let’s find the best solution for your marking needs.

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

What is a good place to heal and recover? At the children’s hospital in Sheffield, they have come up with an answer that includes an abundance of stunning colours, geometric shapes as well as our DecoMark™ material.

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