Adtex paves the pathways in the gardens of Eden

When the Cornwall-based educational charity, Eden Project, recently needed to refurbish the pathways in their awe-inspiring gardens, Adtex Resin Bonded Paving provided the perfect solution.

Nestled in a former clay pit in Cornwall, the Eden Project is a unique and visually stunning place consisting of beautiful gardens and massive Biomes housing the largest rainforest in captivity. Acting as the epitome of transformation, these surroundings now provide the backdrop for cultural exhibitions, summer concerts and exciting year-round family events. With over 1 million visitors each year, the large network of paved pathways in the gardens has been submitted to its fair share of wear and tear since its opening in 2001. Something which had naturally begun to damage the visual impact of the popular tourist attraction.

In replacement of the tarmac that was previously used for the pathways, the Eden Project therefore required a material that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, blended well with the garden environment, and was durable with anti-slip properties. Adtex resin system supplied by Geveko Markings UK was chosen as it fit the bill perfectly on all accounts.

What also appealed to the Eden Project was the fact that the Polyurethane resin binder used in our resin system is made with plant-based materials. This meant that the material supported their strong ethos regarding sustainability and the concern with which they choose their materials.

The application method of the Adtex meant there was no need to dig up existing pavements, providing a cost effective and instant change to the paths. The range of aggregate colours available furthermore gave the people at the Eden Project flexibility to be creative and add some fun to the paths in several different locations. One example is in the Western Australia garden in one of the Biomes, where Adtex was used in a range of coloured aggregate to produce Aboriginal inspired patterns.

The above changes have added another element to the already inspirational garden. And in fact, the Eden Project liked the Adtex-material so much that they are now training their staff so that they can lay and maintain future installations.

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