AquaRoute™ Tempi guides the visitors of Tomorrowland

At the Belgian electronic dance festival Tomorrowland, an effective way guidance system made of AquaRoute™ Tempi help guide the 400,000 visitors around the festival area.

Tomorrowland is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world and takes place in the Belgian city, Boom near Antwerp. With around 400,000 visitors it is necessary with a quite bit of structure to make it all run smoothly. Way guidance is an effective tool in this respect, as it can help ensure that people can easily find their way around and get the best possible festival experience.

Together with our client, Marking Solutions, we helped apply lines of the temporary waterborne paint AquaRoute® Tempi at Tomorrowland. More precisely, we applied lines with a width of 15 cm over a distance of five kilometres. The lines were made in six different colours - and each colour guided Tomorrowland's guests in a specific direction, e.g. towards the parking areas or public transportation.

AquaRoute® Tempi is worn off by weather and natural wear and tear in a couple of weeks, but it can also easily be removed immediately with a street cleaner.

Contact Geveko Markings if you want to know more about AquaRoute® Tempi.

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