Branding and charging combined

Our customer De Jong Reclame Heerhugowaard found that specially designed PREMARK™ logos were the perfect solution to mark e-parking spaces.

As hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, the necessity for electric charging stations is automatically also growing. Our wide range of products makes it easy to mark these spaces in a way that is both easily recognisable and supports your company brand. These markings applied by De Jong Reclame Heerhugowaard for Dutch company EDGe Mobility is a great example of just that.

EDGe Mobility is a national network of car companies specialised in electric driving. Each of these independent companies are certified and deliver services according to the EGDe Mobility standards. For example, they carry out maintenance, repairs and resolve malfunctions on electric vehicles. You can also go there for charging advice and have the status of your battery checked.

At the moment, there are about 50 companies certified to the EDGe Mobility standards spread across the Netherlands. On each of these locations, our customer De Jong Reclame have recently installed PREMARK™ markings in the form of ‘Edge Mobility’-logos in front of the charging stations.

In this way, EDGe Mobility cleverly brands their business and creates a consistent image on all their locations, while clearly identifying where the e-charging spaces are to be found.

Want more inspiration for your e-parking solution? Check out our electric parking brochure - or contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today!


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