Très bien! Beautiful marking in Brest

In Brest Métropole, the surroundings of the city's cable car have been highlighted and secured with a bright orange marking consisting of a total of 858 pieces in 22 different patterns.

Brest Métropole wished to highlight the surroundings of the city's cable car and secure the area at the same time. The solution is a bright orange marking consisting of a total of 858 pieces in 22 different shapes.

The striking marking was made with PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic road marking and was applied by Brest city teams with assistance from Geveko Markings area sales manager, Marc Coëtmellec.

It is placed in front of the cable car station “Jean Moulin” and the small, differently shaped geometric pieces in a bright red-orange colour perfectly matches the large cylinders in front of the station.

The individual marking pieces may look as if they were randomly scattered over the street and the surrounding pavement, but they were in fact very carefully positioned to give the desired effect. The result is a decorative and artistic looking pattern, which not only looks great but also helps secure the area for people passing by in vehicles, by foot - or on bicycles.  

The latter will be especially relevant on 12 July 2018. On this day, the PREMARK® marking will be “tested” by this year’s Tour de France riders as stage six of the legendary race will run through the area.

It has been ten years since the Tour de France last visited Brest, which is the second biggest city of the Brittany region in France.

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