Instant repair of cable trenches

The French company Citéos have tested how our road and surface repair products handles repairs of trenches in the road surface left by cable installations.

Road repair can be more than your typical cracks in the road. We previously showed you how ChipFill™ can be used for repairing the road when internet cables have been installed – a solution that the Italian company Open Fiber makes use of.

The French company Citéos has a similar road repair need as they install electric cables for traffic counting. When installing the cables, they cut a trench in the road surface that requires instant repair. The products they use today have issues with durability as they typically break up after 1-2 years. Citéos is therefore looking for alternative products to replace their current ones.

So far, they have tested two solutions within our Road &. Surface Repair range. first, a combination of ChipFill and BandFill™, and second, ColdFill™. Citéos found both solutions interesting and will test them further in real conditions.

ColdFill is similar to their current solution in the sense that it is also two-component. However, ColdFill seems to provide a more long-lasting solution. The application of ChipFill and BandFill demands a few extra steps in terms of heating the different layers, but it seems to provide an effective solution on wider repairs.

At Geveko Markings, we take pride in having a wide product range that provides multiple combinable solutions to fit every need.

If you want help finding the best solution for you – don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Geveko Markings expert.


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