Red roads in Dubai put focus on speed limits

In order to put focus on speed limits and thus reduce the risk of accidents, a combination of bright red PlastiRoute™ and PREMARK™ speed limit symbols have been applied on this road stretch in the city of Dubai.

Seeing red on the road is usually not a good thing. But on this road stretch in Dubai red markings actually help increase traffic safety.  The eye-catching PlastiRoute® material brightens up the road as a way to alert the drivers that it is time to slow down. At the same time, the speed limit symbols in PREMARK® stand out on top of the red surface and makes it very difficult for the driver to miss it.

The markings were applied in late December 2018 on a trial stretch by our business partner, TST Christian Freund GmbH. It is a part of a local effort to make drivers more aware of the speed limits and thus reduce the risk of accidents. The combination of PlastiRoute®cold plastic and PREMARK® preformed thermoplastic which is used on the stretch is a good example of how our products can be combined to provide the perfect solution for the specific problem at hand.

The markings also serve as evidence, that our products can be applied in different types of climates – even the warm and sunny climate of Dubai. We know that each climate demands its own solution and therefore, the PlastiRoute® cold plastic systems are available in different settings depending on the temperature in your specific area. This helps to ensure a consistent product quality all year round.

If you want to hear more about our road marking solutions, don’t hesitate to contact your local Geveko Markings expert!

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