Colourful Guidance in South Korea

These colourful horizontal road marking applications in Jinam Park are made to guide visitors in the right direction and inform about the do’s and don’ts of the area.

The markings made in our highly durable DecoMark™ material act both as road guidance and as a form of nudging. They were successfully installed back in November 2020 by our client JCMKOREA Marking System as part of a government project for Jinam Park which is situated in the third-largest city of South Korea, Icheon City.

Using different icons and bold block colours, one type of markings illustrate in a simple and easily understandable manner that it is for example not allowed to smoke, camp, pick flowers or drop trash in the area.

Another type of marking acts more as a form of guidance showing the way to the nearest toilet facilities, park and walking route. Both types of markings are made in hexagonal shapes, but in different tones of colours.

This project can be a good inspiration for others to investigate the possibility to do something similar. With our easily applicable preformed material the possibilities are almost endless – it is all up to your imagination and requirements.

Contact your local Geveko Markings expert today – and let us lead you on the way to the ideal solution!



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