Effective and safe parking area in Finland

Thanks to our brightly-coloured PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip and white PREMARK™ signage, this parking area in Finland is both easy and safe to navigate around.

No matter if you are a driver looking for a proper parking spot or a pedestrian trying to get safely across the area, busy parking lots can be difficult to navigate around. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Just look at this parking area applied in front of a shopping center in Finland. Our customer, Tiemerkintä has done a great job using our PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip to mark the handicap areas in blue and pedestrian walkways in red. To top it all off, the colourful markings are supplemented by white PREMARK™ handicap signage, family parking symbols and pedestrian crossings. The two types of products are designed to bind well with each other and together they create a parking area that is both easy and safe to navigate around.

Rough surface texture increase safety

While the bright colours of the PlastiRoute material help grab your attention and mark the purpose of each area, the highly skid-resistant surface helps prevent slip-and-fall accidents. The rough surface texture (which can be seen in the close-up pictures to the right) is created thanks to the application method. By using a long-hair paint-roller, PlastiRoute Rollgrip is automatically deposited in the shape of small heaps of 2-3 mm. This strong texture gives superior skid resistance under wet and rainy conditions, when friction is needed the most.

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