PlastiRoute™ provides safety for pedestrians

With striking blue and red markings pedestrian walkways at nine different sites across the Argyll and Bute area in Scotland has had a safe-enhancing upgrade.

This project was done by Preformed Markings Ltd. (part of Geveko Markings Group) and involved nine sites across the Argyll and Bute area in Scotland. Behind it is Argyll and Bute Council in corporation with Carmac Ferries, who undertake all sailing from the ports involved. The aim was to upgrade and delineate the pedestrian walkway areas at various terminals, and our high-quality PlastiRoute Rollgrip and PlastiRoute Rollplast products turned out to be an ideal solution.

The bright blue and red colours make it clear for pedestrians where to walk and for the passing cars to keep alert of the vulnerable road users. In addition to the striking colours, the strong texture of these materials provides superior skid-resistance under wet and rainy conditions when friction is needed the most. All in all, an effective solution that has worked precisely as intended.

The initial feedback has been great from all parties involved both during the works and since. So much so in fact, that the lead on this project, Jamie Cochran from Preformed Markings Ltd. has already been contacted with a possible request for another site that needs a similar upgrade.



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