Green charging stations in Norway

On this e-charging station in Bergen, we recently demonstrated how PlastiRoute™ SprayGrip can effectively be applied with the AreaSpray™ machine to create a both eye-catching and functional result.

With more and more electric and hybrid cars hitting the roads, the demand for electric charging stations is on the rise. Currently, there aren’t any set rules on the style and design of e-parking areas, but there is no doubt that the most popular design involves a solid green surface marking. This is an easily recognisable type of marking that gives clear associations to ‘a green choice’.

This was also the solution that was chosen in this demonstration, that we did for our customer Vegmerking Vest AS. The project was an e-charging application for the company Greenstation who develops energy stations with functionality and usability in mind. Therefore the green marking was the obvious choise to both help support their brand and provide a functional solution. To add to the overall "green" expression, Greenstation even had light green arrows and charging symbols on top of the bright green surface marking.

For the demonstration, we used a combination of PlastiRoute Spraygrip and PREMARK™ symbols. After covering the area meticulously, our Applications Specialist Johan Musak and Technical Manager Nordic Patrik Ronnhagen used the AreaSpray machine for the application of the green PlastiRoute Spraygrip, which is a durable material.

AreaSpray ensures an effective application process and an even and homogenous horizontal surface with a good amount of skid-resistance. It is usually recommended for larger applications where its fast application speed can be a real time-saver, but also worked out well for this application.

As our preformed products can be applied directly on top of the PlastiRoute products, the second part of the application process could be handled with just the use of a heat torch.

Want more inspiration about e-parking solutions? Check out our electric parking brochure - or contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today!

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