PlastiRoute™ RollGrip® increases traffic safety in Portugal

Four combined pedestrian crossings and braking zones in PlastiRoute™ Rollgrip makes traffic safer for both pedestrians and drivers in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

In Figueira da Foz, Portugal, the Habidom company has applied four combined pedestrian crossings and braking zones made of PlastiRoute® RollGrip®. The pedestrian crossings and braking zones measures 20 x 6.40 metres each and were applied at around 20° C. This temperature ensured a short curing time, which meant that traffic could be re-opened as soon as 30 minutes after application.

PlastiRoute® RollGrip® is a cold plastic material which is easy to apply - all you need is a mixer to mix the components, tape to mark up the area, and a roller to spread the cold plastic. PlastiRoute® RollGrip® contains skid resistant aggregates, which ensures an SRT value of up to 80. Therefore, there is no need to post sprinkle the marking to gain anti-slip properties. The non-slippery surface makes it safer for pedestrians to walk over the crossings and reduces the braking distance for cars in the braking zone.

Contact Geveko Markings if you need skid resistant markings for pedestrian crossings, braking zones, bicycle lanes, parking areas, or other area markings. 

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