Popular PREMARK™ crossings in Portugal

Red and white PREMARK™ pedestrian crossings have been a great success in the area of Oeiras in Portugal and as a result, an increasing number is planned to be applied.

This red and white PREMARK® pedestrian crossing has recently been applied in the municipality of Oeiras, Portugal. It is not the first of its kind in the area which is situated close to the capital of Lisbon - and it definitely won’t be the last! This particular type of crossing has been received very positively in the municipality and therefore, an increasing number will be applied in the near future.

The application of the eye-catching crossing took place in May and was made by our customer F.L. GASPAR. Due to the strong red colour, it really stands out to all road users passing by. As mentioned above, the marking is made of our well-known PREMARK® material. These easily applicable preformed markings are characterised by their high quality and long durability and offer almost endless opportunities. These properties are part of the explanation of the good feedback and great success that PREMARK® is receiving in general – and in this case in the area of Oeiras.

If you are interested in learning more about different pedestrian crossing solutions, then don’t hesitate to contact a Geveko Markings expert to learn more.

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