Helicopters land safely on PREMARK™ in Germany

Since 2016, nine hospitals in Southern Germany have had PREMARK™ markings applied in the form of landing areas for emergency helicopters.

Did you know that Geveko Markings have delivered marking material for several hospital helicopter landing areas? Since 2016, a total of nine hospitals in Southern Germany have had our PREMARK®markings applied for this specific – and very important - purpose.

All of these markings have been done in corporation with the German engineering firm, Thomas Füller, who specialises specifically in helicopter landing areas. By combining our expert knowledge, we make sure that all the safety requirements are met for this critical type of area marking. The actual application of the markings has been done with help from local partners on each of the hospitals.

The helipads are made with our durable PREMARK® material, which has been trialed and tested through many years to ensure the highest quality. The preformed markings for the landing areas are produced in smaller pieces and are applied like a very large jigsaw puzzle. When the pieces are properly placed, they are heated with a gas burner to make it stick to the surface. And voilà, emergency helicopters can land safely!

If you have any road marking requests or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact your local Geveko Markings representative.

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