DecoMark™ Walk of Fame at Dutch University

At the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, they are proud of the achievements of their students and staff - and they show it off with DecoMark markings.

Inspired by Hollywood Boulevard, the Dutch university has done their own version of the Walk of Fame. Instead of bearing the name of Hollywood movie stars, this particular Walk of Fame celebrates award winners among the graduates and employees at the university. Each year new names are added to give credit to these great achievements and inspire the people walking by. This was the case again this year where the markings were applied by our customer, HR Groep.

The markings are done in our preformed thermoplastic material, DecoMark. This high-quality marking is ideal for the purpose as it is both durable and can be made in bespoke designs.

We are proud that our materials are chosen for ongoing project and it’s great to see how this tradition continues year after year.


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