DecoMark™ brands bike track

German company RadQuartier has branded their brand new asphalt pumptrack for BMX and mountain bikers with custom-designed logos.

It started with a simple question: “Do you sell road markings?” And it ended with custom designed markings perfectly fit for the customer’s need. In between was a process which acts as a good example of what you can expect, when working with Geveko Markings. We strive for superior service from the first point of contact and until the marking is perfectly applied on the asphalt.

When the company RadQuartier first contacted us, they didn’t know much about markings. In fact, they didn’t know if their request was even possible. They first got into contact with one of our Customer Service representatives, who could confirm that they had come to the right place. After having checked with our Design Studio Department, she could also confirm that we were able to fulfill their marking request.

RadQuartier were looking for a marking in the shape of their logo. A marking which they wanted to apply on one of their asphalt pumptrack for BMX and mountain bikers. This type of marking is ideal to do in our preformed thermoplastic material, DecoMark, since this material can be made in bespoke designs in a range of different colours.

Within a week, the request from RadQuartier were drawn up by our Design Studio, approved by RadQuartier, produced at our factory in Denmark and on the way to Germany. However, our job as marking experts doesn’t end here.

So, when RadQuartier got to the point when they where ready to apply the markings they contacted us again to make sure, that they did it correctly. Here, our local German Sales Manager was able to guide them on their way to ensure, that they ended up with the perfect result. Luckily, RadQuatier where so satisfied with the final result that they have later ordered more of the same logos for one of their brand new tracks in Hundheim, Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany.

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