GripTech™ keeps spectators safe at Emirates Stadium

With its quick and effective solution for adding slip‐resistance to problem areas, GripTech is the ideal choice for safe-proofing the area outside the London-based football stadium.

Emirates Stadium in North London is the home ground of Premier League football club, Arsenal F.C. With up to 60,000 fans joining their home games and many people visiting the area daily, the safety of the stadium area must always live up to the highest standards. 

Problem is that rain and the build‐up of algae or moss on concrete can make steps extremely slippery and dangerous especially during the autumn and winter months. But luckily, our GripTech™ products come to the rescue! 

These products offer a is a quick, durable, and cost-effective solution for adding slip‐resistance to problem areas, making them safer for pedestrians. And this is exactly what they have done here at Emirates Stadium. 

GripTech was chosen specifically by the safety team at Emirates as it not only increased the slip resistance value but also covered directly the existing original rubber strips that had come to end-of-life service. They particularly liked the fact GripTech, once applied, would seal the nosing to stop any further water ingress.

Do you also have a potentially hazardous area that needs to be safe-proofed? Contact your local Geveko Markings Expert today!

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Healing colours at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

What is a good place to heal and recover? At the children’s hospital in Sheffield, they have come up with an answer that includes an abundance of stunning colours, geometric shapes as well as our DecoMark™ material.

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