Easy repair of cable installations with ChipFill™

ChipFill™ offers an ideal, on-the-spot repair of the road after the installation of optical cables which are used to provide internet access.

Our hot-applied road repair product, ChipFill can be used for more than traditional pothole repairs. One of the alternative uses for ChipFill actually has to do with something you are using right now, namely the Internet.

More precisely, ChipFill offers an ideal solution for repairing the road when fiber optic cables are installed. Fiber optics act as the backbone of the internet as the cables are used as the medium for transmitting information from one point to another.

When these are placed in the ground it leaves trenches and cut-outs in the road surface that needs to be repaired afterwards.

In many cases this is done at a later stage by a separate contractor. However, when the damages are left unrepaired for too long it can increase the damages to the road and lead to additional costs. This is why ChipFill offers an ideal solution as it can be applied easily on the spot in no time and has long-lasting results. ChipFill is applied after a layer of concrete has been applied on the installed cables.

Since the summer of 2020, Geveko Markings have collaborated with the Italian telecommunications company Open Fiber who specialises in this area. Since they have started using ChipFill (in combination with concrete) for repairing roads after installation of optical cables, it has quickly become their preferred solution. This is because ChipFill:

According to IEA (International Energy Agency), the number of internet users is expected to increase from 3.6 billion in 2018 to 5.0 billion by 2025. So, as the world-wide demand for Internet access increases, so does the need for fiber optics and the potential need for subsequent repairs.


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