PREMARK™ on Dutch cycling route

Our preformed thermoplastic symbols play a leading role on the cycling route between Assen and Groningen in the Netherlands providing a fast connection between the two cities and surrounding villages.

With bright blue colours, descriptive text and of course a cycle symbol, these specially designed PREMARK symbols are a great example of how an alternative cycle marking can look like. Applied by our customer Geerdink Markeringen, the markings help guide cyclists along the route between the two Dutch cities Assen and Groningen.

Both cities are - like most Dutch cities - developed to accommodate a large number of cyclists, and this particular cycling route only adds to that image.

The route partly goes through the 10,000-hectare large national park “Drentsche Aa”, and the objective of the route is to improve the accessibility to the Assen-Groningen region. More precisely, it is wide and obstacle free cycling route that provides a fast connection between the cities and surrounding villages.

Apart from making it easy and safe for both local and tourists to travel through the region, initiatives like these also help stimulate a healthy living, and contribute to a more sustainable society.

We are happy that our markings can contribute to this type of improvements for the cycling infrastructure and active mobility in general.

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

PREMARK™ safe-proofs London railway station

Euston Station is one of London’s busiest train stations, and millions of passengers pass through every year. Finding a durable solution for their safety signage was therefore of crucial importance.

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