Amazing PlastiRoute™ colour in Australia

Take a look at this eye-catching schoolyard in the Bondi Beach area in Australia, which has just been given a splash of colour in the form of signal red PlastiRoute™ Rollplast.

The already colourful playground has been given an extra pep with the application of a brightly red coloured PlastiRoute® RollPlast®. It is our customers Reflective Road Safety Products and The Gardenmakers who has handled the application of the product and the reaction to the finished result has been great. Comments have been that it “looks fantastic” and that it is an “amazing colour.” We couldn’t agree more!

Bondi is located on the South East coast of Australia and is one of the suburbs of Sidney. The area is known for its world famous beach and in a sunny area like this bright colours seems like a good fit.

The two-component PlastiRoute® RollPlast® used here is a liquid, rollable, solvent-free material that cures via peroxide initiator. It is easily applied with paint rollers, and depending on the roller used it is possible to create a strong texture with superior skid resistance. PlastiRoute® RollPlast® can also be used in combination with PREMARK® or DecoMark® symbols and can be made in a color to fit your exact project.

Do you want to know more about PlastiRoute® RollPlast®? Contact Geveko Markings and let us help you find the best solution to your marking project.

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