A whole new DecoMark™ world in Finland 

When the pupils at Nummen Palvelukeskus step out on the playground, they literally have the world at their feet, thanks to the application of a world map in DecoMark.

There is a common saying that young people have the world at their feet – and for the pupils at the Nummen Palvelukeskus in Finland, this is literally the case. During April 2018, a colourful world map in DecoMark® has been supplied together with our clients, Elpac Oy and Cleanosol Oy, at the school which is situated in Hämeenlinna in the Southern part of Finland.

The brightly coloured world map is ideal for alternative teaching of geographical subjects, but it is also meant for improvised fun and play during break time. It is important to point out, however, that it is not just the children attending the school who get the chance to enjoy the playground, as it is open for all children and childlike souls in the neighborhood.

This falls perfectly in line with the fact that Nummen Palvelukeskus is more than merely a school. It is in fact a service center that also contains a library and a boarding school. It is a part of a Finnish project that focuses on maintaining the country’s world-leading education system and make sure that it stays relevant in the future as well. Hopefully, the DecoMark® playground will play a small, but significant part in this endeavor.

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