Reapplication with AquaRoute™ waterborne paint

The Portuguese company Trafiurbe used AquaRoute AQ4 waterborne paint to refresh the edge lines of highway 12 in Portugal. This helped increase night time visibility (RL values) as well as daytime visibility (Qd values) and as a result, Trafiurbe won the BRISA tender 2017.

The Portuguese company Trafiurbe won the BRISA tender 2017 for highway A12 in Portugal and used AquaRoute® AQ4 waterborne paint to refresh the edge lines of the highway. This increases both night time visibility (RL values) and daytime visibility (Qd values).

Reapplication to refresh the RL and Qd values of the road marking lines has been used for many years in Spain and Portugal. By refreshing the road markings with a thin layer of water borne paint such as AquaRoute® AQ4, the line markings will reach high performance levels without adding much to the thickness of the marking.

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