Learning made fun with DecoMark™

In Heiligendorf primary school in Wolfsburg they have a new playground made of colourful DecoMark markings, which not only makes break time more fun for the pupils - it is also provides an excellent opportunity for alternative learning.

Ready. Set. Go! The start and finish line on the new playground in Heiligendorf primary school is an open invitation for a race. The road in mini-format is fitting for the primary schools’ young pupils, who surely will enjoy the many new possibilities during break time.

It is our German client HöRE who has done all the colourful DecoMark® markings including the application of the authentic mini-road with clearly marked lanes, arrows and even pedestrian crossings.

The new markings not only make break time more fun for the pupils, they is also provide an excellent opportunity for the teachers to take the class outside for some alternative learning.

Why not use the big compass to learn about the different corners of the world, for example? Or the alternative calendar to get to know all the months and seasons of the year? The yellow and orange letter-snake that winds its way across the previously dark and dull surface is also a great way to help the younger pupils learn the alphabet.

The colourful markings were made of preformed thermoplastic DecoMark® which is fast and easy to apply and makes it possible to transform asphalt areas into colourful spaces where children can be active, learn and play at the same time.

Due to the long durability, high skid resistance and environmentally friendly ingredients of DecoMark® the children can play safely on the playground for years to come.

Contact Geveko Markings if you want to know more about the endless possibilities with DecoMark®.

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